Meet the owners


From the moment we first saw ‘The Springs’, we knew this was ‘the place.’ Tucked away in timelessness on the shores of a heart-shaped lake, it was everything we had been looking for – a sanctuary of song birds and silence, a paradise of privacy and playfulness where you could simply relax and reconnect with simple pleasures like watching a pair of swans in flight in the early morning mist, the last rays of sunlight at dusk or a night sky free from the haze of pollution and industrial light. For us The Springs on Swan Lake ticked every box and more.
We set about bringing new life to the past by completely restoring the property’s six Circa 1950’s-style cottages to their former glory and creating others that honoured our theme of ‘a place untouched by time’.
When you come here, the trees will invite you in, the stillness will soothe your soul and a host of feathered and furry friends will welcome you to the place they call ‘home’.

Annette & Alan